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Corporate Activity Amazing Race with Gogreen

The Amazing Race

Objectives: Effective Planning, Effective Communication and Teamwork, Leadership and Personal Development, Problem-Solving, Group Cohesion, Synchronicity, Active Listening, Coordination

Your team has been task with locating and getting in touch with a hidden indigenous tribe that has lived on Sentosa Island covertly for decades. Their shaman possesses the long-lost, top-secret Mante shamanic healing technique, which can heal any illness. The only piece of information you have is that Adil is the only one who knows where they are, but Adil would not readily divulge that.

To win Adil's confidence and learn where the Mante tribe is, your crew will have to face the Trials of Mante. Your team is not the only one searching for the Mante Tribe, though, as Adil will only give the location to the first team to successfully complete the Mante Trials.

The Gogreen Amazing Race @ Sentosa is a fun outdoor team-building activity that provides you and your group with an engaging and interactive team-building experience. As your group races against the clock, discover hidden talents of your team mates and forge close bonds as you work together using Eco-Mobility vehicles such as Segways, Kick Scooters, Bicycles to solve puzzles, complete cooperative challenges and overcome obstacles.

Balanzen 1 2 3

Objectives: Team with most points wins, Overcome the natural apprehension that arises when faced with the challenge of the obstacle course as you try to balance the ping pong ball to your goal. Test strengths when working under pressure.

Navigate as accurately as you can while balancing a ping pong ball on a spoon as you hold it in your mouth through the course without dropping it and try to accumulate as much ping pong ball as you can.

Photo Quest

Objectives: Solve Puzzles, and hunt for clues to your answer, team with most points wins. Work together in teams. Practice joint decision making. Knowledge sharing and concise communication is essential. Brainstorming.

Embark for a leisure ride on the Kick Scooter along the scenic beaches of Sentosa, how will participants cope with the mission of looking for the various attractions with the given hints? Will they be able to accomplish it within the stipulated timeframe?

Read Ride Repeat

Objectives: Work together to complete the correct sentence. Utilise all members of the team. Team members learn to trust and support each other. Complete challenges designed to tease the brain!

Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered. Enjoy a laugh as the original message turns into a creative mumbo jumbo of seemingly meaningless words.

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